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Body Mask Therapy KitBody Mask Therapy Kit

Body Mask Therapy Kit

A full concept of a perfect body mask treatment experience.

Either for professional or everyday use at home, this full kit of body pampering is on a different level.

It combines luxury, comfort and value altogether.

Bundle kit includes

• Oryaku™ Body Mask 
• Oryaku™ Skincare Brush M
• Oryaku™ Skincare Glove M
• Oryaku™ Re-sealer
While the popularity of DIY home-spa experience have already scaled for the last couple of years, the times when people are externally forced to spend more time at home, the need for such solution is undeniable.
With this Therapy Kit people can generate a luxurious SPA feeling according to their own time timetable and need.
The value of the kit components is self-assuring and is receiving continuosly more and more positive feedback while reaching towards larger audience.
Body Mask

Body Mask

An ideal mask to pamper your entire body with a broad spectrum of simultanous positive effects of Oryaku™ Mud top layer.

The thermogenic, biochemical and mechanical effect is a basis of complete body health transformation. High chelating properties and penetration abilities allow to enrich skin cells deeply with natural origin essential nutrients as biominerals, vitamins and lipids, restore skin structure and elasticity, reduce content of excessive residue and body water loss, and boost stimulation of metabolism and cell renewal.



Dry, Normal, Oily, Combination, Sensitive



pH Neutral     Stimulates Cell Renewal     Activates Metabolism     Exfoliating

Wild nature harvest      100% sustainable & renewable


Size – 250 / 300 / 400 g