A Nordic origin natural and organic cross-sectorial raw material which has evolved through various biological and geological processes over the course of thousands of years.

Full of natural antioxidants, biominerals, vitamins, flavonoids, lipids and organic acids to treat various neurological, rheumatological and cardiovascular disorders.

The more of a traditional balneotherapeutical use in skin pathology in the past, have lately transformed towards more of a wide-scale everyday use in personal care industry. The rise of people’s ingredient consciousness and special skincare formulations are the leading factors.


Estonian nature is unique due to its short summers with long days and long winters with freezing temperatures. Therefore, the plants, flowers and herbs have a short but intense growth season and due to high proton content, they are much richer in nutrients than plants grown elsewhere.

These plants have been naturally macerated by microbial action for long period of time, resulting in very high concentration of bioactive substances. The extraordinary chemical transformation by biological degradation of organic materials through biochemical processes makes them highly bioavailable to human body. The unique molecular structure of the substance is so fine that it penetrates the skin and rejuvenates cells, making it one of the most powerful therapeutic mud in the world.

All this while containing remarkably low levels of naturally occuring heavy metals. For example, the content of Lead (Pb) has been tested to be 5-12x less than in the well-known Dead Sea Mud. For this reason, the Oryaku™ Mud has been declared also as one of the ecologically cleanest mud in the world!

Oryaku Mud IBC


For professional use, Oryaku™ Mud is provided as a bulk raw-material to B2B network.

Three-layered material reserves and unique characteristics of core material gives us an opportunity to offer organoleptically slighlty differentiated substances for various industry use in Personal Care, HealthcareAgri– and Horticulture.

Natural condition of the ingredient is preserved to the fullest by wintertime excavation, delicate operations know-how, and special Industry Grade/UN Approved Menke™ storing tanks.

Oryaku Mud Wrap


For hospitals and rehabilitation centers, Oryaku™ Mud is provided in various sizes as a bulk material or in a special form of mud packs and application wraps.

Mainly used in the treatment of neurological, rheumatological and cardiovascular disorders.

Most known and researched effect of alleviating muscoskeletal disorders as Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arhtritis.

Body Mask


For SPAs & Wellness centers, Oryaku™ Mud is provided in special mud packs, application wraps and skincare products.

Mud related SPA therapies include specific spot treatments, massages, thermal treatments, mud baths and beauty rituals.

Hydrating and Restoring Facial Mud Mask

For direct consumer, Oryaku™ Mud is provided as a finished cosmetic product under the ORYAKU™ skincare line.