Detox | Hydrate Minisize

Mini version duopacks of Oryaku Facial Mud Mask series.

Great way to meet with the Oryaku™ Mud for the first time or while having a hesitation over which specific mask would be the best fit.

An ideal addition to an unfinalised gift box or while creating one from the scratch.

Valued highly among frequent travelers, especially by air travelers. Long hours on a flight in a dry and non-natural air pressure has extremely rough impact to our skin health.  A great counter-action comes in a form of easily carry-on duopack containing –

Oryaku™ Detoxifying Facial Mud mask 10 g
Oryaku Hydrating Facial Mud Mask 10 g

Additional information

Weight 24 g
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 2 mm